• Some font sites that inspire me

    Lost Type Co-op

    Not free, but some very cool fonts and well written site. Descriptive names. Can't wait for the John Wilkes Booth font.


    Free vintage-looking fonts. Yippee! Free! Buy them if you use them, of course, or else...

    House Industries

    In addition to a great looking, hilarious site that is easy to use, they put out a wonderful printed catalogue. It's Ribalicious!

    Three Islands Press

    From right here in Rockland, Maine! They have all kinds of fonts, but their best stuff are the HISTORICAL and HANDWRITTEN collections. I also like that they describe each font in addition to showing a sample. Buy local!

  • That salty brand we seem to be hooked on.

    I've been noticing a certain "branding" that lots of Portland and Maine businesses have adopted: weathered, nautical, 1700's-1800's-ish. As if the logo were made with a quill pen or block printed by oil lamp at night, in a hurry, because the British were coming.

    But, it makes sense when you see our city seal:

    So, I wondered if I should try to fit in with this trend? How long will the trend last? It's hot now, but what about next year? Next month? Here's what I came up with:

    Nope. Not for me. Your thoughts on the subject?

  • The cobbler's children go unshod

    I am working on this site, really, I am. ~ Tracy